Graphite Powder and Graphite Scrap

Graphite Electrode Powder(Graphite Granule)

This product is made of the turnings of graphite electrodes, and processed by milling and screening. Graphite electrode scraps (powders) are by products of the process of machining electrodes, mainly used in metallurgy industry as carbon raisers, reducer, foundry modifier, fireproof ect. Content: C: 98.5% min. S: 0.05% max. Ash: 1% max.Moisture: 1% max. Grain Size: 0.5~10 mm 0~2 mm,0~6 mm,1~6 mm,0~10 mm over 25 mm Application: used as carburant in iron and steel industry Packing: in plastic woven bags of 1,000 kgs or 850 kgs

Graphite Scrap(Graphite Lumps)

For small sizes: We can crush and sieve according to customers' requirement. For large sizes: we select according to customers' requirements. Application: 1. As raw material of producing cathode carbon block and carbon electrodes. 2. Carbon raiser, carbon additives, carbonizer in steel making and foundry Technical Datasheet:
Powder Specific Resistivity Real Density Fixed Carbon Sulfur Content Ash Volatile Matter
(μΩm) (g/cm3) (%) (%) (%) (%)
90.0 max 2.18 min ≥99 ≤0.05 ≤0.3 ≤0.5
Notes 1.Large quantity and stable supplying ability according to customers' specific requirement
2. Graphite lumps will be packed according to customers' requirements or in  loose packing.